12/05/14 | Press release: DSD creates sister company to develop technologies to production

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DSD creates sister company to develop technologies to production


Evolute Drives will accelerate development of high efficiency driveline technologies


Southam, UK, 12th May 2014 – automotive engineering consultancy, Drive System Design (DSD), has established a new product development company that will take forward DSD’s portfolio of new technologies. Called Evolute Drives, the new company will develop MSYS, an innovative multispeed hybrid and electric vehicle (HEV) transmission, taking it to a design stage where it can be licensed for manufacture, allowing DSD to retain its focus on consultancy.

“Engineering consultancies can face a challenge. They are staffed by intelligent and creative engineers but often have no convenient way to develop innovative ideas into new technologies,” explained DSD’s managing director, Mark Findlay. “By creating a completely separate entity in which to develop the MSYS product, we can step up our investment while sending a clear signal to our consultancy clients that they will retain the rights to technologies arising from programs they have funded.”

The business model for Evolute Drives is to seek inward investment and grant funding to allow the MSYS technology to be developed. Once ready for production, it will be licensed to interested parties, such as established tier one suppliers. Initially managed by senior staff seconded from DSD, Evolute Drives will in time have its own separate management.

“The benefit of technology derived from independent ideas from within a consultancy company is that they are immediately relevant to applications in development rather than just a good idea looking for a suitable application,” said Alex Tylee-Birdsall, Evolute Drives Managing Director. “With MSYS, Evolute Drives will focus on a product that meets immediate market demand for disruptive technology. The company will also benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience contained within DSD. It is an exciting moment for us and will bring significant benefit to both companies.”

MSYS is a three-speed transmission for next-generation HEVs that provides ultra smooth shifting with 10-15 percent lower energy consumption, allowing increased range. MSYS won a Road Transport Innovation award at the recent ecoConnect Cleantech Innovate 2014 Showcase event, attended by energy and climate change minister Greg Barker.

DSD will transfer to Evolute Drives its membership of The Proving Factory, the government-backed project that is creating low volume automotive manufacturing and assembly capability in the UK, allowing UK low-carbon technology companies to benefit from development and manufacturing resources. Involvement in The Proving Factory project will enable Evolute Drives to provide cost-effective systems in low volumes for fleet trials, helping its customers to reduce development risks and timescales.

About DSD

DSD is an innovative engineering consultancy specialising in the design , development and control of transmission systems and the integration of driveline systems into vehicles. Founded in 2007, DSD has inherited decades of experience from its key personnel, each of whom are leaders in their individual fields of engineering, and currently employs over 40 staff with particular expertise in driveline refinement, efficiency improvement and hybrid and electric vehicle transmissions. The company won the prestigious “Consultancy of the Year” accolade in the 2010 British Engineering Excellence Awards. www.drivesystemdesign.com

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