About us

Evolute Drives Ltd. was established to exploit the intellectual property developed by the innovative and well respected engineering consultancy Drive System Design Ltd, and bring it to the market place. Drive System Design works with many of the major vehicle manufacturers in developing transmission and driveline products for the next generation of vehicles.

The electric vehicle market needs a range of solutions to increase vehicle range in order to unlock projected vehicle sales due to “range anxiety” of potential end users. Part of this solution will come from the transmission.

Adding multiple speeds to electric vehicle transmissions will reduce the energy consumption by 10-15% and therefore increase range. The reason for this is it allows the power electronics to consume less power as the motor runs at lower speed. The problem is changing gear without interruption of power to the wheels whilst also not consuming additional energy to hold the transmission in gear. In all current transmissions you either require energy to hold in gear (planetary automatic and dual clutch systems) or the power is interrupted giving poor shift feel.

Evolute Drives’ 3 speed MSYS transmission overcomes this by providing a seamless power shift but requires no energy to hold the transmission in gear. Therefore this technology unlocks the potential of multi speed electric vehicle transmissions and provides vehicle manufacturers with the additional vehicle range they have been looking for. This technology is therefore an enabler to increase electric vehicle sales.

The unit is in prototype testing with a demonstration vehicle due in July 2014. The prime market for this technology will be premium segment electric vehicles as these will attract the highest sales and provide the best showcase. The pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle markets are due to hit 3,000,000 sales by 2020 and will continue to grow.