Detailed specification

E-Machine TypeAxial Flux YASA motor
E-Machine Power55kW continuous (100kW+ for 60s peak)
E-Machine Max Torque200Nm @ 4000 rpm (limited by power electronic)
Transmission Ratios
(3 speed)
1st - 9.93:1
2nd - 7.11:1
3rd - 5.08:1
Gear ShiftHydraulically Actuated Powershift Technology
Driveline Efficiency98% Transmission, 95% Motor, 97% Power electronics, 91% Overall
Lubrication SystemDry Sump (Light Oil Spray)
Park LockIntegrated Plunger Type with Electrical Actuation
Powertrain Weight55kg Prototype Unit (wet) 45kg Production Intent (wet)
Installation Length366mm Prototype Unit 320mm Production Intent
Cooling SystemPump and In-built Sump Radiator
OptionsOutput disconnect for e-AWD application